Latest news:

Return of the irc-page

The irc-page (Talk with us on IRC) has been brought back to life and added to the sidebar - enjoy!

Removal of the forum

The forum has been removed because of spam and limits of time to always cleaning it up. We may bring a new one to life again, if our users thinks it's necessary.

Removal of the Swedish webpage

We have now removed the swedish webpage and would from now on rely only on the english one. We've did this due to the fact that geeks in sweden use english in other cases regarding computers. And by doing this we also save some time to put on other importen stuff in developing a linux-distribution.

A refined logotype!

Today we´ve refined our logo with some new lines and added effects.

The wheels have started spinning again!

Today we´ve started upgrading the base repo for our next installble version, 09.2

Howto pronounce Enlisy?

If you want to learn how to pronounce Enlisy in the right way, you can go checkout our new recording at the about-page.

Finally there is an about page in english

Until now, it has been very hard to understand what Enlisy is all about. Escpecially for people who don´t speak swedish. But as the title said - finally there is an about page in english!

Get the installation guide as PDF

If you don´t want to stay online to read and follow the installation guide, you can from now on download the guide as PDF and read it offline.

OpenID support for the forum

For you who´s using OpenID to login into different pages - now there is OpenID support in our forum as well. Enjoy

News thru RSS

As we promised before. Today we´ve added support for RSS to the news section. So from now on, open your RSS reader and keep follow our news directly from it

Return of the old menu

We have recovered the old menu from the archive. Which means that the options Documentation, Forum and IRC now are back in the menu again. So the Help and support page is lost forever. We do this so you can save some clicks with the mouse.

Moving of the installation guide

We have moved the installation guide from a simple static page to the documentation pages. The button Installation guide have also been fixed so it point to the new place of the guide.

The 10 last updated packages

As you may have noticed, today we´ve added some information about the 10 last updated packages, right here on the frontpage.

Finally we have a news page!

It took some time. But from now on, you can follow more updating stuff about us. We can also report that we will add support for RSS in just a couple of days.